If bird watching is your brief, Inverawe is the place to be. 

Grab the binoculars, slip the field guide into your pocket and hurry on down for some real bird watching.

110 species of birds have been spotted at Inverawe.

The 111th is maybe out there, waiting for you! 

Inverawe is a fringe habitat, where forest and pasture meet the shoreline, the wetlands and the tidal flats.

We've got bush birds, shore birds and birds of the grasslands.

Some are residents, others are visitors. 

Ask for a copy of our bird list when you arrive.

All 12 endemics - birds that can only be found in Tasmania - have been seen at Inverawe.

One American visitor said "I've just seen 8 of the Tasmanian endemics - that's made my visit!"

One bird spotter from the UK said "I've just seen a Tasmanian Thornbill - my first!"

And Nathan, a young bird watcher, was delighted to be able to photograph a Grey Fantail sitting on its nest.