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Most folk prefer a self guided tour, proceeding at their own pace, following a self guide brochure, but we can arrange a guided tour of the garden, arranged to suit you or your group.

Our area of Tasmania was a botancial and exploration hotspot, over 200 years ago. The people who laid the foundations of Australian scientific botany – the Frenchman Labillardiere and the Scot Robert Brown were here then.  D’Entrecasteaux’s 1792 expedition was the first to map North West Bay, which Inverawe overlooks.   Baudin’s French expedition of 1803 anchored just off the point. 

For the self guided tour, we meet you at the entrance, have a bit of a chat and provide a coloured, self guide brochure that includes a coloured map of the garden. Then your are off on your magical tour! We are always happy to chat or answer any questions you might come up with.

You might be more interested in creating your own piece of paradise, or finding out how we created ours.  Get the inside stories as you tour this special 22 acre garden with one of its creators.  Find out what worked and why, and what values drive the development of this extensive garden.  Learn how Inverawe Native Gardens was rejuvenated. Acres of intractable weeds were transformed into a stunning Tasmanian landscaped garden. Find out the secrets of:

  • Plant selection
  • Low maintenance, waterwise, sustainable gardening
  • Simple, no fuss landscape design
  • Working with the environment, wherever your garden happens to be. 

Bookings are essential – for further information phone 03 6267 2020 or email     We'll be only too happy to arrange a tour to suit you. Prices on application.










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