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Tasmania's Largest Landscaped Native Garden!

Share Margaret and Bill's excellent Tasmanian landscaped garden adventure in Margate, Tasmania. Find a wide variety of Australian plants growing in a landscaped setting just 15 minutes from Hobart.

Catch Inverawe's segment on ABC TV Gardening Australia broadcast on 4 May 2018

Events? Funny you should ask. Just scroll down this page. We've got a whole season's worth of events!

Inverawe is a pioneering garden that sets the scene for Australian gardens of the future. With Australia's hot, dry climate, we can't continue gardening in the European style. We need to grow gardens that sit softly on our fragile landscape. That's Inverawe! Come and see!  

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Enjoy strolling through 22 acres of colourful landscaped native gardens, take in the stunning views of North West Bay and listen to the birds. Inverawe is waterwise, sustainable gardening at its best.

Inverawe Native Gardens is open seven days a week, 1 September till the end of May.  First entry 9.00 am, last entry 5.00 pm - see you in the garden sometime!

On arrival you receive a personal introduction to the garden and a colourful map to guide you. Interpretation signs set the garden in its historical and social context. Poetry, sculpture and whimsy add to your enjoyment. At the end of the visit we will be on hand to answer any questions. Take tea on the terrace and contemplate tranquility.  

Wheelchairs: 200 metres of pathway on the top terrace, including the tea terrace, is wheelchair accessible. Enjoy some of the best views in Margate. There is a turning bay at each end of the path!

Inverawe is on the road to Bruny Island.

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Climate Change? The Environment? Don't just sit and worry. Be part of the solution! Plant more natives. Turn out for our workshops and find out how. We've planted more than 12,000 trees and shrubs and have worked to improve the carbon content of our soils. Saving the planet, one plant at a time!

We've got a flock of events lined up for the 2019-2020 season, all designed to help you create or enhance a beautiful, bird attracting garden that sits softly on our often fragile landscapes. Most workshops are on a Sunday (dates below) and start at 1.30pm. Cost is $30 per person, bookings essential (ph 03 6267 2020). The workshops finish around 4pm and include afternoon tea and printed notes. All workshops include a guided tour of the garden, led by the Head Gardener.


Plan a Native Garden - 23 February - We'll show you what to do to create your own native garden - we'll lay out the tricks of the trade for you.

Create a Bird Friendly Garden 22 March At Inverawe we've spotted 110 species of birds ranging from tiny wee thornbills to wedge tailed eagles. Like to see a few more birds on your patch? We can show you how! Whatever plants you grow, birds help out by chomping through those insects that attack your plants, plus they fertilise plants by transporting pollen from plant to plant. Birds are champions at sussing out microenvironments. To encourage them you need to create those microenvironments. So enrol in the workshop and find out how to get these workers on your team! The $30 workshop isn't so much a cost to you but an investment. Too good.








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